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SynShield® Durability Advantage 15W-40

SynShield® Durability Advantage 15W-40

Para-synthetic, heavy-duty, 15W-40 diesel oil that provides stronger durability, better soot control and stronger wear protection to equipment working long hours in severely harsh conditions. Exceeds API CK-4.

Heavy-duty diesel oil that offers stronger engine durability and wear protection for diesel engines.
SynShield® Durability Advantage 15W-40 Engine Oil is a premium advanced performance, synthetic plus, heavy-duty diesel engine oil formulated to provide maximum protection against wear, oxidation, deposit formation, soot contamination and aeration.

Exceeds API Service Categories for heavy-duty-diesel engine oil: CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4, CI-4 Plus and older.
SynShield® Durability Advantage 15W-40 Engine Oil provides excellent equipment durability and longevity even during harsh, extreme duty operating conditions. Using our proprietary friction modifiers, Micron Moly® and Penetro®, SynShield® Durability Advantage 15W-40 creates a slippery, tenacious shield that prevents metal-to-metal contact. This added layer of durability protection significantly reduces wear on bearings, rings, pistons, cylinders and valve trains.

Our 15W-40 oil is suitable for use in emission compliant engines that utilize heavy exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and exhaust after-treatment devices such as diesel particulate filters (DPFs) with or without diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). SynShield® Durability Advantage 15W-40 Oil can also be used in low-emission certified diesel engines that are equipped with EGR, older non-EGR containing diesel engines, and off-highway diesel engines.

Performance Benefits-
-Improved wear protection – 85% less wear than conventional CJ-4 oils.
-High thermal and oxidative stability for greater resistance to viscosity thickening and the formation of deposits, sludge and varnish.
-Strong soot-busting, deposit-dispersing capability – 77% greater soot handling than conventional CJ-4 oils.
-Excellent shear stability for stay-in-grade performance throughout the oil drain interval.
-Superior low volatility characteristics to control oil consumption.
-Improved and optimized engine durability and reliability during high mileage, hour accumulation situations.
-Excellent protection against oil aeration and foaming.

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