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About Us

The Oil Medics is family owned and operated since 2007. With three generations on site, we are truly a family company! We strive to give you top-of-the-line service for a fraction of the price of the O.E.M. companies.  From personalized PM Programs to computer diagnostics; The Oil Medics is your one-stop-shop for commercial truck and trailer repairs and maintenance.  

bill Sr.jpg
BIll Sr 
The Wise Ole Man
36+ years experience

We don't monkey around with your equipment

The Boss
43+Yrs putting up with The Ole Man
BIll II (Son)
Shop Manager
22+ years experience

Sad, I get called Big Foot!

Carley (Granddaughter)
Office Manger
4+ years experience


Just Peachy!

Will III (Grandson)
Just Learning
>3 Months experience

Just Learning the ropes

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