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Truck and Trailer Repair

Class 7 and 8 Truck Alignments

Semi Repair

Preventative Maintenance Programs

We offer a wide array of maintenance programs:

  • Tractor A & B Service

  • FHWA Inspections

  • Trailer PM Programs

  • Truck PM Programs

  • Brakes

  • Computer Diagnostics

  • Customized PM Program designed by The Oil Medics, and your company

    • ​The Oil Medics works with many companies in designing and implementing a precise PM program to meet their needs. Whatever your company’s needs are, The Oil Medics will strive to meet them.

Truck & Trailer Repair


Serving the DFW Metro Area

DFW's M.D. Alignment Service
M.D. Alignemnts, semi truck alignments, trailer alignments

We have used the M.D. Alignment system for 16+ years.

Laser FAST Measurements...


Without the Use of a Computer The Protrak QCT Laser Alignment system takes 10 minutes  to set up and measure a typical 3-axle truck or tandem trailer, making it faster and easier than ever to discover the source of drive complaints and tire wear problems!

Complete Quality Alignment... With or Without a Dedicated Bay! Three axle alignment can be accomplished on almost any shop surface...even parking lots! 

Mobile Alignments Coming Soon!

Cottrell Repair Center.  Car haulers,  car hauler repairs
Car Hauler Repair


Cottrell Trailers is the largest over-the-road auto transport equipment manufacturer in the world. Cottrell equipment comes in a wide variety of headrack and trailer specifications offering more options for load configurations than any other manufacturer on the market today!




Call your warranty representative at 800-827-0132 Extension 313 or 301. Please have your VIN number of the trailer available and any pictures or additional information. Once Cottrell has determined that an issue qualifies for warranty, they will get you to a Cottrell Authorized Warranty Repair Facility or to Cottrell. Cottrell will then communicate with the facility to ensure any warranty work has been pre-authorized. Work performed at a shop that is NOT a Cottrell Authorized Warranty Repair Facility or that is performed without a preauthorized PO may not be covered.

Food Grade trailers,  trailer repairs
Food Grade Trailers

We work on all makes of bulk food transportation trailers, from replacing worn-out brake shoes, re-bushing, hatch seals, hotlines, butterfly valves, check valves, or bottom tees.


The Oil Medics can do it all.


We use quality suspension parts such as the Hendrickson Intraxx Air Ride Suspension and the Reyco 21B Spring Suspension. Whatever your suspension needs are The Oil Medics will be there to get the job done right.

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